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I've been nibbling and sipping and (this is important) writing it all down for over half of my thirty years in the wine biz. You know what I learned first? Food and wine pairing "rules" are very few and very far between. I'm free! Thinking Chardonnay? Think beef first I say. Boundaries? We don't need no stinking boundaries! How else could I... no, how else could we entertain all the possibilities? Why else would the delicately sweet, bright Golan Moscato from Israel be in the lamb, salmon, and pasta sections of the WineMarket!


Oh yeah, WineMarket arranges its wine selections by food type. This whole food and wine thing is nothing short of fun and discovery when you think outside the box. And this anything goes approach gives you choices.

Did you know that sixteen (count 'em, sixteen) different varietals and blends have cozied up to beef with at least a 75% success rate? Guess what. The much maligned artichoke has a 90% plus track record with fourteen White and Dry Rose categories.

What was that about rules? Did someone say choices? If we recommend it that's because we experienced it; the proof is in the pudding.